Our Talks

Art of Education works with parent groups seeking tangible, current advice on K-12 education, early learning options, and “how to find the right school fit”.

Like the children she works with, founder of Art of Education, Anoo Padte, is learning every day. By visiting schools and studying how children learn, Anoo has developed invaluable insight into the options for different kinds of learners. Anoo presents her findings in talks for parents in the Greater Seattle area.

Speaking engagements include: private small group sessions, daytime or evening public talks and workplace lunch & learn sessions.


Choosing the Right Preschool: Five Factors The Matter Most for Young Learners

A child will never learn more than she does in the first five years of her life. Find out how different preschool philosophies and approaches meet the needs of young learners.

Play: A Child’s Most Serious Work

What does soul engaging, creative, relationship rich, brain-expanding play look like? As play defines the basis of many preschools and early learning experiences, it is worth asking what phenomenal play looks like and how can you foster it?


It’s Elementary: Choosing Your Child’s Education

Looking beyond the labels of “private” or “public”, this foundational talk gives parents an understanding of options, regardless of resources, location or needs.

Bright Young Minds: Understanding & Supporting Your Highly Capable Child

You have a nagging feeling that your child is highly capable and that school is just not meeting her needs. Highly capable or “gifted” children are misunderstood, misdiagnosed and poorly supported in mainstream classrooms. This talk provides school and enrichment solutions.

Middle & High

Middle School Matters: Choosing Your Child’s Path To College

Prepare for your middle and high school search armed with the latest information on the changing nature of college, workplace and its impact on what most matters in middle and high school years.