Middle and High School Choice

Education helps young people grow into themselves.

Middle school is a tumultuous time for many pre-teens. High school is hectic for adolescents. What each student needs is a combination of learning skills, social connections, academic content, experiences and mentors to help them develop.

What opportunities will your child explore on their path through the teen years, to college and beyond?

Art of Education offers talks on middle and high school choices. We also offer private consultations for students and parents to help define an ideal learning environment.

For those considering independent schools, Art of Education offers guidance on the admissions process, preparation for school interviews, tests and application essay reviews.


Watch this interview on what college admissions really look for and how to plan for a relaxed and fulfilling high school experience.

Watch this webinar on private middle and high school admissions.

A Fullfilling and Relaxed High School Experience



Why do you speak of middle and high school in one single breath?


There is a tight connection between middle and high school, not only in the ways schools are structured, but also in a child’s needs in these years.


When should we start the school search process?


For independent schools and specialized public programs, the process involves school visits, applications with parent and student essays and entrance tests. Start the process in the spring of the year before the student will begin.

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