Gifted Learners

Quirky, tenacious, creative, curious, talkative, sleepless and intense.

These are just some of the words used to describe gifted children. Starting as early as two years of age, it is possible to recognize characteristics that may identify your child as “gifted”. The label may be jarring to some, but beyond the label is a child with unique talents, sensitivities and learning needs.

“Highly capable” or “Gifted” children are amongst the most underserved learners in our schools. Since 2009, Anoo Padte at Art of Education has specialized in recognizing giftedness, identifying educational options and parenting strategies to nurture gifted kids.

Art of Education offers talks on understanding the needs of highly capable children.


The myth of the gifted



Isn’t it true that early identification of giftedness is unreliable?


While this is true to a large extent, toddlers and preschoolers can exhibit clear signs of being gifted. With the right nurturing and education, they are able to grow their early abilities into talents that are truly their own.


I hear there is a test to identify giftedness. Isn’t this ridiculous for a preschooler?


It is shocking to many parents that preschoolers are tested to identify giftedness. The test is developmentally appropriate and administered by professionals who know how to put a young child at easy and make it fun.


I hear about gifted learner programs at elementary level, but what about middle and high school students?


Integrated academic courses, camps, workshops, mentoring relationships and internships are just some ways in which gifted middle and high school student’s experiences can be enhanced.

Discover and explore

Thank you for taking the time to sit with me today. Every thing you observed was exactly what I see in (my children). Thank you for your insights, they are invaluable to me. As a parent, we watch our children grow and change, we wonder if we are doing everything we can every day to make them the best person they were meant to be. After reading your observation reports, it is crystal clear to me what I need to do for my children, to make them the best person they were meant to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Parent of Preschooler