Elementary School Choice

Curious, courageous and collaborative learners.

The emotional, social and academic foundations of being a curious, competent, courageous and collaborative learner are laid in elementary school years. This is when a child discovers who she is as a learner.

The last time you set foot in an elementary school may have been when you attended as a student. What has changed, aside from technology? You may see new thinking about teaching methods and skills needed for the 21st century. There are also many more education options in both public and independent schools, giving families the opportunity to explore beyond their local school.

Akin to bringing your child into the family, choosing your child’s elementary education is a rite of passage in your parenting journey. Art of Education offers personalized support in this time of transition and gives you the power to make meaningful decisions.

Art of Education offers talks on choosing an elementary school in the fall and winter. We also offer private consultations to help parents select the best school for their child and define a clear vision for their child’s education.


Watch KING 5 interview Anoo about how to decide if your child is ready for Kindergarten.

Making an intentional public school choice

Watch KING 5 interview Anoo about choosing the right elementary school.



How old does my child need to be to start elementary school?


Most children enter Kindergarten at age five. There is a growing trend to hold back children born in spring/summer (boys especially), so they won’t be the youngest in class.


When should I start searching for an elementary school?


One year before you intend your child to start Kindergarten. For example, for a Fall 2016 start, start your search in the spring or the fall of 2015.


As a parent looking at public school, do I have choices?


You have options, even within public schools. More importantly, your familly, school partnerships and external enrichment resources can create a well-rounded personalized education.

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When we approached Anoo to seek her advice on a good school for our 4 yr old daughter, we only had only a vague idea of what we meant by a "good" school. Anoo helped us crystallize our ideas on a good education. She took it into account our daughter's individual strengths and helped us find a school that's a good match for her. Anoo is passionate about education and truly believes in the potential of every child. It was a pleasure working with her.

Parent of 4 year-old choosing Elementary school