Supporting Your Child

“So, how was school today?” Most parents are lucky if they get more than a one-word response to this question.

Our process

Art of Education can help you develop a more complete picture and give guidance on how to best support your child’s school experience.

This service is valuable when:

  • You have concerns about your child’s school progress
  • You sense that your child is not engaged in learning
  • Your child is unhappy or showing signs of anxiety
  • You want advice on how help your child thrive at school

Art of Education provides private consultations and coaching for parents looking to strengthen their child’s school experience.

Consultation: How To Support + Advocate for Your Child

The process is tailored to each family’s needs, following these three general steps:

Unpack The Experience: Parents voice hopes for their child’s education and describe the current situation. Older students also meet directly with Anoo.

Educational Review: Anoo reviews report cards, test scores, student assignments and reports from school specialists or counselors. She also talks to the child’s teachers and specialists.

Plan of Action: A set of recommendations on changes needed to improve the child’s school experience and ways to bring about that change.