Our Process

Every child is unique and learns in a unique way.

Our process

This unique child also lives in unique times, times unlike any other in human history.

In today’s changing times, what is the special mix of teaching, knowledge, people and experiences that will define an education for your unique child?

The Art of Education consultation process helps families gain clarity on the right kind of education to give their child – whether public, private or a combination of the two.

School recommendations are part of the service, but there is more to it. The process allows parents to craft a personalized framework for their child’s education.


The Art of Education Process

The process is customized according to your family’s needs.

Start with a free no-obligation introductory phone consultation with Anoo. This allows Anoo to learn about your situation, your child and gives her enough information to identify how Art of Education can help and the likely cost.

The Consultation Process typically includes:

Values, Beliefs and Hopes: Parents reflect on their own education, experiences and values. How will this feed into their hopes for the child?

Who is My Child: Anoo observes each child in their current school or home setting, to develop a picture of their learning inclinations and needs. Upper elementary/middle school students speak directly with Anoo.

21st Century Education + Schools: Parents learn the latest thinking on education today; the range of schools options and different teaching approaches.

Personalized Education Plan: Each family receives a comprehensive framework that includes:

  • The child’s learning profile and learning needs
  • Characteristics of an education right for that child
  • Local schools that may align well
  • Best-fit school recommendations and rationale
  • Enrichment and supplemental learning options


Families Seeking New Schools

School Tour Prep: Tips and questions for school tours and open houses.

School Shortlist: School tour debrief, school selection and when/how to apply.

Applications for Independent Schools: Essay writing guidance and application reviews.

School Decisions: After hearing back from schools, Anoo assists families who are wavering on the best path to choose for their child.

The process is completed by recommending steps the family can take to build a partnership with the school and identify complimentary resources to create an education that is personalized and meaningful for that child.