What Parents Say

Thank you for taking the time to sit with me today. Every thing you observed was exactly what I see in (my children). Thank you for your insights, they are invaluable to me. As a parent, we watch our children grow and change, we wonder if we are doing everything we can every day to make them the best person they were meant to be. After reading your observation reports, it is crystal clear to me what I need to do for my children, to make them the best person they were meant to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Parent seeking public elementary school

Faced with a poor public school district and our growing family, my husband and I decided it was time to move. Finding the right home in Seattle is hard, but pairing that decision with buying in the right school district, the challenge became all the more difficult. We finally find the perfect house, but it was in an area that we hadn’t researched and I needed to make a decision, and fast. Anoo was a great go-to resource and education expert. Thanks to her quick response, knowledge and connections, we were able to make the best and most well-informed decision for our family. Thanks Anoo!

Parent of three seeking new Seattle neighborhood

When we approached Anoo to seek her advice on a good school for our 4 yr old daughter, we only had only a vague idea of what we meant by a "good" school. Anoo helped us crystallize our ideas on a good education. She took it into account our daughter's individual strengths and helped us find a school that's a good match for her. Anoo is passionate about education and truly believes in the potential of every child. It was a pleasure working with her.

Parent of 4 year-old choosing Elementary sch

I met (with Anoo) for one hour today. She sent me some very precise questions before our meeting that helped me put down my notions & thoughts into words and clarified my concerns into distinct and clear questions and when we met, she answered all those questions and more. She has armed me now with specific choices that will work for my family and my kids and now all I have to do is go observe these handfuls of choices, ask the questions she has told me I will need answers to and make a decision. 
My kids are only just starting on their learning journey .... we’ll spend thousands of dollars on their education from this point on and it is important to spend those hard earned dollars wisely to provide the best advantage for them in their whole life.

One-time consultation client

I found this workshop extremely useful and thought provoking. I thought I have done a decent research of schools in this area but after listening to Anoo, I realized that her research is far more advanced and helped me understand various choices at various phases of the life of kids. She is very passionate about education and kids and it reflects in how she presents the workshop and interacts with you.
I would recommend this to every parent no matter what the age of your kid is. In fact I felt that 2 hours wasn't enough and I wanted to hear more and more from her. I came back with great ideas on how to choose schools for my kids and how can I add value as a parent in this process. She is simply amazing and I am so glad I attended this workshop.

Workshop attendee, Elementary school choice

Anoo was my son’s advisor at school, and provided a wonderful source of support and guidance for my son Kellen and our family as we worked through the challenges of his last several years of high school. She helped my son sort through what he felt was blocking him, and through that exploration, he came to understand and own the choices that were keeping him from being where he wanted to be. All the while, Anoo’s caring and complete respect for Kellen and his needs was always in the forefront. He could feel and trust her belief in him, which helped him to be open.
In working with Anoo, I appreciated and treasured her openness and warm heart, and her connection with Kellen and deep compassion for him at a time when he was struggling. Rather than try to quickly “fix things,” she worked closely with Kellen to understand what his needs and goals were, and then, together with the other staff members and us, to help him be successful in the long run by fostering and supporting his own abilities to be successful.

Parent of student

Anoo has cultivated an intuitive understanding of human development with the ability to express it, quickly putting both children and parents at ease. Her teaching style, therefore, is natural and warm. People feel better about themselves for having been with her.

Andy Smallman, Director of PSCS

"... (Anoo's) workshops are not referendums on private schools but rather a means to identifying what type of learner is your child AND what values matter to you as a family. Friends who attended with me and were already sending their daughter to public school were so grateful to be given a lens/questions on public school tours (we still have a choice...) and also be aware of what to look for as it relates to your child & what to advocate for if it's missing. Anoo seems to have found her calling. I left feeling like I knew my child, my spouse, and my educational values better. Highly recommended!

Preschool Director, Parent of preschooler

Anoo, thank you for the class last night! It was a wealth of information and you’re an amazing presenter. We certainly appreciated it and have much more of a grasp on how to move forward with this process.

Workshop attendee, Elementary school choice

Anoo opened our eyes to the vast choices available and had a keen ability to find the appropriate choices for our daughter. Her knowledge and understanding of the education system of today has been invaluable in steering our future academic decisions. Of the four preschools we applied, and were accepted into, we had only heard of one before meeting Anoo.

Parent seeking preschools