In the Media

What do college admissions really want?: Planning for a relaxed and successful high school experience.

A perfect resume does not necessarily pave the way to a dream college. What really matters? This interview answers these questions:

  • What does it come down to -- GPA, test scores? What really matters?
  • How has college admissions changed?
  • How important is the college essay?
  • How can you even think about relaxing as a high school senior?


How do you decide if your child is ready for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten is more academically focused than it has ever been. Teachers are not however looking for academic skills to gauge readiness. This interview answers these questions:

  • How has Kindergarten changed?
  • What does readiness mean?
  • What can you do if your child is anxious about the transition to Kindergarten?


Preschool Choice Tips

The process of finding the right preschool can be complicated and expensive. What should parents consider? This interview answers these questions:

  • When should parents start looking for preschool? What age does the child need to be?
  • Can you enroll your child in preschool at any time of year?
  • What should parents focus on when considering different preschools?
  • What factors matter most in terms of preschool learning?
  • What is the cost for attending a preschool?



Redshirting is controversial. In a TV interview (click image on the right to watch it) we discussed the key aspects that make it so sticky.
A term once reserved for college athletes, it describes the growing trend of holding back a child from entering Kindergarten at age 5 and instead delaying entry till age 6.

Choosing the Right Elementary School

In a conversation on King5's Parent-to-Parent, I addressed these questions:

  • What matters most: Relationships, Competence, Finding an interest and School-home partnership
  • Public v/s Private: Why parents choose each type of school. Read a detailed article on this.
  • What to look for on a school visit: Walls, Materials, Assessments, Homework, Schedule
  • What parents can do: Start early, Know your options, Talk to parents, Visit schools


Significance of Play and Preschool Choice

In a conversation on King5's Parent-to-Parent, I addressed these questions on the Significance of Play in early years:

  • Do children not play in preschool?: How preschools are changing.
  • What play is intricately woven in with learning?: What is this play that is so integrated in with learning?
  • What do children learn through play?


Open Enrollment at Seattle Public Schools

In Seattle, parents have choices even within public schools. What must parents consider in applying to an Option School and how can they weigh Option schools against default neighborhood schools?