About Anoo

Anoo grew up in Mumbai, India in a rich and complex culture that led her to her most deeply-held conviction: that education is meant to stir each person’s innermost being. Such stirring can lead a person to participate in the lifelong process of growing into her most authentic self.

After a thriving career in software design and development, Anoo transitioned to education in 2004. For three years, she taught at the progressive Puget Sound Community School (PSCS) that focuses on honoring the unique identity of each child while supporting them to be a compassionate member of a community. On the surface, she taught subjects like Math, Science, Hindi, Cooking, Cultural Literature, Yoga, World cultures; what she was really teaching were the values closest to her heart. She was teaching students and herself to inquire, think critically, take risks, be courageous, act with integrity, be disciplined, and to relate honestly and with love.

After teaching at PSCS, while conducting graduate research in holistic education, Anoo visited numerous schools in the Greater Seattle area, in other parts of the United States and in India. She studied schools in great detail, their values and philosophies, teaching practices, teachers, student-teacher interactions and community impact. She developed an understanding of how schools put their stated values in practice and how that impacts learners. A nuanced understanding of schools and education led her to develop The Art of Education, a practice that flows from the inside-out, anchored in who the child, teacher and family is.

Art of Education Practice

Since 2009, Anoo has given talks, lectures and conducted workshops. She has supported over 500 families in the search for a right education; preschool through high school. Anoo’s approach is highly personalized. She is committed to supporting every child to find what she most loves to do and find practices towards fulfilling those passions. She believes that education can empower every person to be her own truest self. It is with this in mind that Anoo provides personalized consultations to families that guide them in not only choosing a school but in also crafting a holistic education for their special child.

Anoo lives in Seattle with her partner and two sons. A maker at heart and a bicultural explorer, Anoo is found tinkering, creating art, gardening, playing sports, traveling, joking about cultural nuances and cooking with her family.