Your child is headed to their local public school, so what is there really to think about?

The decision has been made -- its public school. So now, isn’t it just time to wait and see how it all rolls and shakes out?


Well, yes and no. Parents have many choices within the Seattle Public School system. Option schools each with its own particular philosophical emphasis and bent go above and beyond the neighborhood public school experience.

Parents can choose between expeditionary learning, integrated 21st century learning blended with a social-emotional focus, globally focused language immersion programs, Montessori, STEM and e-STEM programs and more.

While not all options are available in all neighborhoods, every neighborhood offers a compelling Option school. These options need to be weighed with a keen eye on who a child is, how she learns, what your family believes about education, how you naturally support your child’s education, your resources of time and treasure and how much you hope to be involved in your child’s education in school and outside.

These personal considerations are at the heart of finding the right fit. Once you know where your child might go to school, it is then time to understand the school from the inside. Who are the teachers, how do you learn about them, what are the other families like, what does the head of the school believe, what will she push for in advocating for the school, teachers and students, does the school have particular curricular strengths or weaknesses, how can you get involved? Learning about the working of the school from the inside will help you make a smooth transition and prepare your child and you for steps you can take once she starts school.

There is much to think about and you can learn all about it in a single parent lecture that takes you on a journey that starts with your child, family, Seattle's public school choices, how to understand a school, how to best transition your child into school, balancing school and home learning and even the greater context of the demand on education around the world and in the United States today. 

Knowledge can be powerful. As you get ready to offer your child an even greater opportunity to access knowledge, empower yourself with all there is to know about finding and creating the world-class public elementary school education.

Seattle Public Schools Talk: February 13th, 6:30pm-8.30pm at Wunderkind, Seattle. DETAILS HERE

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