Social Studies pedagogy, methods and current trends

For the Social Studies: Methods and Practices course, as a first paper, I wrote one on the evolution of the Social Studies pedagogy, the main methods worth considering in the development of curricula and the current trends in the field.

Here's the thesis statement excerpt from the paper:

The dominant Social Sciences curriculum in America is rooted back in the early 20th century. In fact, its scope and sequence of topics covered has stayed the same for over half a century (McGuire, 2007). It is fascinating if not eye opening to consider the fact that a subject area - that is primarily aimed at educating for good citizenship - has seen little societal change through times that have seen tremendous other changes. The cause for such a status quo is worth considering. This paper lays out the primary reasons for the disconnected pace of change between Social Sciences curricula and the changing nature of life in America. It also calls to attention educational orientations, approaches and methods to consider in reforming Social Sciences curricula. It closes with a personal perspective on how to make making Social Sciences come alive.

The paper can be downloaded here.

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