Art of Education gives parents the power to personalize their child’s education by understanding their child’s needs, choosing a school that fits well and opening the door to meaningful learning.

Choosing a School

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A child learns more in the first five years of life than at any other time in her life. What kind of preschool is just right for your child? What other learning does she need?

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Laying the foundations for curious, capable, confident, compassionate and creative learners. What combination of public or private school education, support and enrichment will best suit your child?

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Middle and High

A teen defines herself by who she is with, what she questions and who she admires. What learning environment will stimulate, inspire and challenge your teen to grow into her greatest self?

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Making Education Personal

Our Process

A personalized education begins by understanding the child and family. Our process recommends public and/or private schools and provides a framework to personalize your child’s entire educational experience.

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Supporting your child
Supporting Your Child

Is your child bored, struggling, happy but not fully engaged? What combination of school-home connections and experiences will make learning complete and fulfilling for your child? How can you advocate for and support your child?

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Articles on school choice, parenting for fulfilling, stress-free learning, school innovation, gifted education, creativity, Maker initiatives and more.

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School Choice Events

About Anoo


Art of Education works with parent groups seeking tangible, current advice on K-12 education, early learning options, and “how to find the right school fit”. Anoo Padte founded Art of Education to explore options for different kinds of learners.

Like the children she works with, Anoo is learning every day as a teacher, education consultant and a mother. Since 2009, she has worked with over 500 parents in their search for preschool, elementary, middle and high school education.